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The Mayo Systems Electrophysiology Laboratory (MSEL) is a multidisciplinary discovery & translational research laboratory focused on investigation of human brain. The primary goals of MSEL are to advance our understanding of human brain and neurological disease, and to translate discoveries into new diagnostic tools and therapeutics for patients. Areas of current focus are epilepsy, seizure forecasting, movement disorders and memory.

Large-scale electrophysiology recordings are a powerful tool for systems neurobiology and investigation of the neural networks underlying normal and pathological brain function. MSEL is using high spatial and temporal resolution local field potential, single neuron recordings, and multi-modality imaging to investigate normal (e.g. memory and motor function) and pathological (e.g epilepsy, movement disorders) neuronal networks.

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Advancements is Epilepsy:
Diagnostics and treatment
Pediatric Epilepsy:
Breakthrough diagnostics and treatment for individualized care
Challenges in Diagnosis:
Dr. Klassen talks about PD
About epileptic seizure detection:
Microseizures and the spatiotemporal scales of human partial epilepsy. Brain (2010)
Devices for Epilepsy:
Current & Next Generation