Selected Papers

Relationship Between Seizure Frequency and Functional Abnormalities in Limbic Network of Medial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
HJ Jo, DL Kenney-Jung , I Balzekas, KM Welker, DT Jones, PE Croarkin, EE Benarroch, GA Worrell; Frontiers in neurology 10 (2019): 488.

Minimally Invasive, Endoscopic-Assisted Device for Subdural Electrode Implantation in Epilepsy
SS Grewal, M Benscoter, S Kuehn, BN Lundstrom, SM Stead, GA Worrell, JJ Van Gompel; Operative Neurosurgery, opz104ץ

Deep-learning for seizure forecasting in canines with epilepsy
P Nejedly, V Kremen, V Sladky, M Nasseri, H Guragain, P Klimes, J Cimbalnik, Y Varatharajah, BH Brinkmann, GA Worrell; Journal of Neural Engineering. 2019 Jun;16(3):036031.

Human Verbal Memory Encoding Is Hierarchically Distributed in a Continuous Processing Stream
MT Kucewicz, K Saboo, BM Berry, V Kremen, LR Miller, F Khadjevand, CS Inman, P Wanda, MR Sperling, R Gorniak, KA Davis, BC Jobst, B Lega, SA Sheth, DS Rizzuto, RK Iyer, MJ Kahana, GA Worrell; eNeuro. 2019 Jan-Feb; 6(1): ENEURO.0214-18.2018.

Nuclei-specific thalamic connectivity predicts seizure frequency in drug-resistant medial temporal lobe epilepsy
HJ Jo, DL Kenny-Jung, I Balzekas, EE Benarroch, DT Jones, BH Brinkmann, SM Stead , JJ Van Gompel, KM Welker, GA Worrell; NeuroImage: Clinical 21 (2019): 101671.

A Chronically Implantable Neural Coprocessor for Investigating the Treatment of Neurological Disorders
S Stanslaski, J Herron, T Chouinard, D Bourget, B Isaacson, V Kremen, E Opri, W Drew, BH Brinkmann, A Gunduz, T Adamski, GA Worrell, T Denison; . IEEE Trans Biomed Circuits Syst. 2018 Dec;12(6):1230-1245.

Integrating Brain Implants With Local and Distributed Computing Devices: A Next Generation Epilepsy Management System
V Kremen, BH Brinkmann, I Kim, H Guragain, M Nasseri, AL Magee , T Pal Attia, P Nejedly, V Sladky, N Nelson, SY Chang, JA Herron, T Adamski, S Baldassano, J Cimbalnik, V Vasoli, E Fehrmann, T Chouinard, EE Patterson, B Litt, SM Stead, JJ Van Gompel, BK Sturges, HJ Jo, CM Crowe, T Denison, GA Worrell; IEEE J Transl Eng Health Med. 2018 Sep 26;6:2500112.

Automated unsupervised behavioral state classification using intracranial electrophysiology
V Kremen, BH Brinkmann, JJ Van Gompel, SM Stead, EK St Louis, GA Worrell; Journal of neural engineering (2018).

Physiological and pathological high frequency oscillations in focal epilepsy
J Cimbalnik, BH Brinkmann, V Kremen, P Jurak, BM Berry, JJ Van Gompel, SM Stead, GA Worrell; Annals of clinical and translational neurology 5.9 (2018): 1062-1076.

Evidence for verbal memory enhancement with electrical brain stimulation in the lateral temporal cortex
MT Kucewicz, BM Berry, LR Miller, F Khadjevand, Y Ezzyat, JM Stein, V Kremen, BH Brinkmann, P Wanda, MR Sperling, RGorniak, KA Davis, BC Jobst, RE Gross, B Lega, J Van Gompel, MS Stead, DS Rizzuto, MJ Kahana, GA Worrell; Brain, Volume 141, Issue 4, 1 April 2018, Pages 971–978, DOI:

Electrical Stimulation Modulates High Gamma Activity and Human Memory Performance
MT Kucewicz, BM Berry, V Kremen, LR Miller, F Khadjevand, Y Ezzyat, JM Stein, P Wanda, MR Sperling, R Gorniak, KA Davis, BC Jobst, RE Gross, B Lega, MS Stead, DS Rizzuto, MJ Kahana, GA Worrell; eNeuro 24 January 2018, ENEURO.0369-17.2018; DOI:

Pupil size reflects successful encoding and recall of memory in humans
MT Kucewicz, J Dolezal, V Kremen, BM Berry, LR Miller, AL Magee, V Fabian & GA Worrell; Scientific reports, 8(1), 4949.

Dissecting gamma frequency activity during human memory processing
MT Kucewicz, BM Berry, V Kremen, BH Brinkmann, MR Sperling, BC Jobst, RE Gross, B Lega, SA Sheth, JM Stein, SR Das, R Gorniak, SM Stead, DS Rizzuto, MJ Kahana, GA
brain cover

Seizure Forecasting and the Preictal State in Canine Epilepsy
Y Varatharajah, RK Iyer, BM Berry, GA Worrell, BH Brinkmann, International Journal of Neural Systems, 27(01), 1650046.

High density scalp EEG in frontal lobe epilepsy
AM Feyissa, JW Britton, JJ Van Gompel, TL Lagerlund, E So, LC Wong-Kisiel, GC Cascino, BH Brinkman, CL Nelson, R Watson, GA Worrell, Epilepsy research 129 (2017): 157-161.

Behavioral state classification in epileptic brain using intracranial electrophysiology
V Kremen, JJ Duque, BH Brinkmann, BM Berry, MT Kucewicz, F Khadjevand, JJ Van Gompel,M Stead, EK St Louis, GA Worrell, Journal of neural engineering, 14(2), 026001.

Crowdsourcing reproducible seizure forecasting in human and canine epilepsy
BH Brinkmann, J Wagenaar, D Abbot, P Adkins, SC Bosshard, M Chen, QM Tieng, J He , FJ Muñoz-Almaraz, P Botella-Rocamora, J Pardo, F Zamora-Martinez, M Hills, W Wu, I Korshunova, W Cukierski, C Vite, EE Patterson, B Litt, GA Worrell, Brain 139 (6), 1713-1722 (Cover),(2016) (Blog)
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The functional organization of human epileptic hippocampus
P Klimes, JJ Duque, BH Brinkmann, JJ Van Gompel, SM Stead, EK St Louis, J Halamek, P Jurak , GA Worrell, J Neurophysiol 115:3140-3145, (2016)

Interictal high-frequency oscillations in focal human epilepsy
J Cimbalnik, MT Kucewicz, GA Worrell, Curr Opin Neurol. 29(2): 175-181, (2016)

Combined single neuron unit activity and local field potential oscillations in a human visual recognition memory task
MT Kucewicz*, BM Berry*, MR Bower, J Cimbalnik, V Svehlik , SM Stead, GA Worrell, IEEE TBME BRAIN Initiative Special Issue (Cover), (2015)
neural encoding

Evidence for consolidation of neuronal assemblies after seizures in humans
MR Bower, M Stead, RS Bower, MT Kucewicz, V Sulc, J Cimbalnik, BH Brinkmann, VM Vasoli, EK St.Louis, FB Meyer, WR Marsh, GA Worrell, The Journal of Neuroscience 35 (3), 999-1010, (2015)

Forecasting Seizures Using Intracranial EEG Measures and SVM in Naturally Occurring Canine Epilepsy
BH Brinkmann, EE Patterson, C Vite, VM Vasoli, D Crepeau, M Stead, JJ Howbert, V Cherkassky, JB Wagenaar, B Litt, GA Worrell, PloS one 10 (8), (2015)

High frequency oscillations are associated with cognitive processing in human recognition memory
MT Kucewicz, J Cimbalnik, JY Matsumoto, BH Brinkmann, MR Bower, V Vasoli, V Sulc, F Meyer, WR Marsh, SM Stead, GA Worrell, Brain 137 (8): 2231-2244 DOI (Cover), (2014)
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Pathological and physiological high-frequency oscillations in focal human epilepsy
A Matsumoto, BH Brinkmann, SM Stead, J Matsumoto, MT Kucewicz, WR Marsh, F Meyer, GA Worrell, Journal of neurophysiology 110 (8), 1958-1964, (2013)

Network oscillations modulate interictal epileptiform spike rate during human memory
JY Matsumoto, M Stead, MT Kucewicz, AJ Matsumoto, PA Peters, BH Brinkmann, JC Danstrom, SJ Goerss, WR Marsh, FB Meyer, GA Worrell, Brain awt159, (2013)

Long-term Outcomes After Nonlesional Extratemporal Lobe Epilepsy Surgery
K Noe, V Sulc, L Wong-Kisiel, E Wirrell, FRCPC, JJ Van Gompel, N Wetjen, J Britton, E So, GD Cascino, WR Marsh, F Meyer, D Horinek, C Giannini, R Watson, BH Brinkmann, SM Stead, GA Worrell, JAMA neurology 70 (8), 1003-1008, (2013)

Spatiotemporal neuronal correlates of seizure generation in focal epilepsy
MR Bower, M Stead, FB Meyer, WR Marsh, GA Worrell, Epilepsia 53 (5), 807-816, (2012)

Synchrony in normal and focal epileptic brain: the seizure onset zone is functionally disconnected
CP Warren, S Hu, M Stead, BH Brinkmann, MR Bower, GA Worrell, Journal of neurophysiology 104 (6), 3530-3539, (2010)

Microseizures and the spatiotemporal scales of human partial epilepsy
M Stead, M Bower, BH Brinkmann, K Lee, WR Marsh, FB Meyer, B Litt, JV Gompel, GA Worrell, Brain awq190, (2010)

Large-scale electrophysiology: acquisition, compression, encryption, and storage of big data
BH Brinkmann, MR Bower, KA Stengel, GA Worrell, M Stead, Journal of neuroscience methods 180 (1), 185-192, (2009)

Intracranial electroencephalography with subdural grid electrodes: techniques, complications, and outcomes
JJ Van Gompel, GA Worrell, ML Bell, TA Patrick, GD Cascino, C Raffel, WR Richard, FB Meyer, Neurosurgery 63 (3), 498-506, (2008)

High-frequency oscillations in human temporal lobe: simultaneous microwire and clinical macroelectrode recordings
GA Worrell, AB Gardner, SM Stead, S Hu, S Goerss, GJ Cascino, FB Meyer, R Marsh, B Litt, Brain awn006, (2008)

High-frequency oscillations and seizure generation in neocortical epilepsy
Worrell GA, Parish L, Cranstoun SD, Jonas R, Baltuch G, Litt B, Brain awh149, (2004)